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June Workshop

Samish Island WORKSHOP June 7–12
instructor Joe Mac Kechnie

It’s June Workshop time again. Samish Island, in the Skagit Valley, is a lovely, quiet, and peaceful place for what promises to be one of our best workshops. For new members and guests, this is a great time to meet and get to know your fellow Seattle CoArts members. At our regular meetings, we are so busy that we don’t get that chance. At the June Workshop, you eat and paint together while spending quality time with fellow artists.

The full five-day experience costs $435 for a cabin with shower and toilet, and $395 for a standard cabin with shower and toilet about 50 feet away. The price includes everything: lodging, three meals per day and instructor. I have one full or partial scholarship available for someone who otherwise could not afford to attend. Knowledge of your request for the scholarship is completely private. If you are interested, please contact me, Ginni Guest, at

The instructor this year is Joe Mac Kechnie, a wonderful artist and excellent instructor. See the write up about him in the March newsletter in the current newsletter.

2015 Seattle Co-Arts 65th Annual Juried Show

2015 Seattle Co-Arts 65th Annual Juried Show

Seattle Co-Arts Annual Juried Show


"Art To You"

Joan Archer, Juror
Mercer View Gallery

Mercer Island Community Center Gallery
April 13th – June 5th 20154

Reception: April 18th, 2 pm – 4pm

Gallery Hours: Monday –Thursday: 7am –9pm, Friday: 7am – 7pm, Saturday: 8am – 9pm, Sunday: 11am – 5pm
Gallery phone: 206–275–7609

Information about the Juried Show

scroll to view the information below
  • Calendar of Juried Show Events
  • 2015 Juried Show Committee
  • Juror Information
  • Eligibility, guidelines for submissions, framing specifications, Sales Procedure
  • Entry process for both online Entry Form & digital submission
  • Specifications and Guidellines for digital preparation
  • How to get Help
  • Entry Form

Calendar of Juried Show Dates and Events

Sunday, December 14 Opening for Entries
Sunday, January 18 Deadline for Art to be considered for Postcards and Poster
Friday, February 13 Entry Deadline
Tuesday, March 17 Acceptance Notifications will be mailed
Saturday, April 11 Delivery of paintings and hanging of paintings 10 am — 12 noon
Sunday, April 12 Juror to review and award
Monday, April 13 Show opens
Saturday, April 18 Reception 2 – 4 pm
Saturday, June 6 Dismantling of Show and Painting Pickup 8:30 - 10 am

2015 Juried Show Committee:


Committee Chair – Lauriel Sandstrom
Assitant Chair – Trish Murphy
Digital Entry Coordination – Janet Hawse
Data Entry Coordination – Sally Rawlings
Reception Coordination – Judy Snell
Sponsors and Awards – Nancy Bogni
Graphics (Post-card and Poster) – Elaine Cohn
Labels and Name Tags – Sally Abbey
Bio Book – Sharon Hines-Pinon
Notifications – Kathryn Flanagan

2015 Annual Juried Show Juror – Joan Archer

  • Education: B.F.A. in Art, University of Washington

  • Galleries, Exhibitions, Awards
  • 2013 Edmonds Arts Festival, First Place, Miniatures
  • 2006-2013 Women Painters of Washington Gallery, Columbia Tower
  • 2005 One-Woman Exhibition, Edmonds Museum Gallery
  • 2005 Edmonds Arts Fest Poster & Purchase Award
  • 2004-2005 One-Woman Exhibition, Governor’s Mansion Olympia, WA
  • 2001 Plein-Aire Tuscon,First Place & Most Original Painting
  • 2001 Monte Cristo Ballroom, “Keeping Up With the Joan’s”
  • 1995 EAFA Arts, Bellevue, WA, First Place in Painting
  • 1987 Frye Art Museum Exhibition; Northwest Paper Exhibition
  • 1976 Bellevue Arts Festival, Third Place, Painting
  • Teaching Experience
  • 2001-2014 Aria Studio Gallery, Edmonds, WA
  • 2003-2007 Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA
  • 2003-2004 Pratt Art Institute, Seattle, WA
  • 1990-1996 Kirkland Arts Center, Kirkland, WA
  • Publications
  • 2014 Edmonds Beacon: “Miniatures Unveiled at Aria Studio Gallery”
  • 2012 KBTC Full Focus, presentation of Traveling Exhibition; Celebration! Channel 12
  • 2005 Everett Herald; Joan E. Archer: “In the Mood for Beaches”
  • 2003 Daniel Smith Inc. Publication, Cover, Painting: “Cityscape”
  • Personal Affillations:
  • N.A.W.A. National Association of Women Artists
  • Women Painters of Washington (Past President, 2012)

Eligiblity to Enter Juried Show


All Juried Members of Seattle Co-Arts are eligible to enter up to two paintings in the Juried Show. The applicant must be currently paid up with Seattle Co-Arts member dues and have attended at least three SCA General Meetings within membership year,January 2013 through June 2014.

All entries must be the original work of the entering artist. Any art work accepted and shown in a previous Annual Seattle Co-Arts Juried Show is not eligible. Artwork submitted should be the sole work of the artist, executed without the supervision of an instructor, not based on another’s copyrighted material, and completed within the past two years. All painting, drawing, and collage mediums are acceptable. No nudes please.

Framed painting specifications:

All art must be 2-dimensional and ready to hang on a wall: framed or gallery-wrapped and fitted with adequate wire. Please do not use saw-tooth hangers.

Size limits:

The total outside (including frame) dimensions may not exceed 36” x 36”. The minimum acceptable size is 9” x 9” (including frame.) All paintings must be exactly as they appear in the digital entry. All digital images will be kept on file with the show committee for confirmation when paintings are delivered to the venue. No substitutions will be accepted.

Mercer Island Gallery Procedure for Sales

Indoor gallery prices will be displayed beside the art and on a sales sheet. Sale proceeds are shared on the basis of 75% to the artist and 25% to the Gallery. A potential purchaser may put a “hold” on the artwork for a period of five workdays during the exhibition. Checks will be mailed to the artist with thirty (30) days of the end of the show.
If an artist sells a work after the exhibit closes to a patron who saw it in the Gallery during the exhibition, the artist is expected to submit a 10% commission to the Mercer Island Arts Council.


Seattle Co-Arts reserves the right to use images of submitted work for Co-Arts publicity in printed and web form.

Process for Entering the Juried Show

There are three steps for submitting an entry to the juried show.

  • Step 1  Complete a hard copy of the Entry Form . Mail both the Entry Form and a $20 check to Lauriel Sandstrom, 105 N. 177th St., Shoreline, WA 98133. Checks should be made payable to Seattle Co-Arts.
  • Step 2  Complete the digital online Entry Form by clicking on the live link, and complete the ENTRY FORM. When finished, click on “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the page.
  • Step 3  Prepare and submit digital image of painting(s). A digital image (jpeg) meeting specifications listed below must be emailed to the following email address; Please, label each jpeg file as specified below.

*Please note that information on the entry form must correspond with the information requested in the Digital Entry submission.

Specifications and Guidelines for Digital Preparation and Digital Entry Submissions

Take photograph of your painting. This photo will become your digital image.

The specifications for Digital images are:

  • Each digital image (excluding matting and frame) must be in jpeg format.
  • Jpegs must be 300 dpi resolution, with 1800 pixels maximum on the longest side.
  • We have done away with the former black line size formatting this year.
  • Jpegs must be labeled in the title bar as follows:
  • Last name, first name, middle initial, title, size of painting (unframed)
  • yourlastname_firstname_initial_titleofpainting_sizeofpainting.jpeg
  • for example: smith_e_aspens_12x16.jpg (no spaces or symbols)
  • This information should match what is listed on Entry Form in Step 1

How to Photograph your artwork yourself

To submit an optimized image for judging, it is important to take the highest quality picture possible with your partiular digital camera. You can always downsize or downsample your images later, but you cannot up-sample without losing detail.

Familiarize yourself with your camera’s settings, so that you are shooting images as large as possible. Look in the manual for the chart which shows the various combinations of image size, and degrees of jpeg compression availale to you. Select the combination(s) of largest number of pixels, (image size) and least jpeg compression (highest image quality). This should set the camera to shoot large archive or print quality images, of at least 300 dpi, which you could later (if you wish) down-sample to 72 dpi for posting to the web or other uses.

Take all pictures under controlled conditions, always in the same lighting, preferably shadow-free artificial light. If your camera is capable, consider multiple exposures with differing white balance settings to find the setting which produces image colors and tones as close to the original as possible.

Use a tripod, with the lens centered on the artwork, to avoid images without parallel sides.

Adjust the lens-to-subject distance so that the frame is filled by the image; this will avoid having to crop away valuable pixels at editing time. The prospectus calls for an image of 300 dpi quality, and 1800 pixels on the long side.

Getting help with photographing and sizing your digital prints

Commercial Services for Digital Photography

Digital Canvas Northwest
Cary Cartmill, photographer Cell Phone: (206) 550-2510
3003 S Lake Crabapple Road
Marysville, WA 98271-7920

Cary Cartmill, 3003 S. Lk. Crabapple Rd. Marysville, WA! 98271-7920, Phone (206-550-2510).
Cary picks up and delivers once a week, on Wednesdays, at Christopher’s Framing (used to be Autumn’s Framing and Gallery), 537 Main St. Edmonds, 98020. (Call Cary ahead to arrange pickup time)

Art and Soul
2860 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 Phone: (206) 297-1223

Help Within Seattle Co-Arts

Certain members within Co-Arts will photograph and size images for you. You will need to make your own individual arrangements with these people. Prices will be reasonable and vary based on what you want them to do (photograph only or photograph, and/or computer preparation and image submittal). These members will do their best, but if it is important to you to be exact,then use a professional.

Sandra Kahler
6230 33rd Ave. N.E. Seattle, WA Phone numbers: 206-985-2093 and 206-799-1984

Keith Artz
3221 NE 92nd Street, Seattle, WA 98115 Phone number: 206 524-1891

Slide Conversion

Costco will take your slide film, convert it to digital images and put them on a disc. You will still then need to size and format them to our specifications on your computer using Photo Shop or Photo Shop Elements, or by contacting one of the Co-Arts members or commercial resources mentioned above.